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Ateni Sioni Church

Location: Ateni, Gori Municipality
Place: Georgia, Shida Kartli
Dedication: Dormition of Holy Virgin
Category: Built
Type: Domed Church, Tetraconch
Date/Period: 7th c.
Renovation/Reconstruction: 8th c.; 10th c.; 13th c.
Layers of the Murals: Two layers

First Layer of Murals  Second Layer of Murals


The present tetraconch was built on the place of the earlier, 5th-century basilica in the seventh century. It was partly restored in the tenth century under the guidance of Todosak. The church is important in many respects – its typological features, the sculpted décor of the façade, multi-layer painting and inscriptions of many kinds – it is one of the most significant monuments of Georgian epigraphy: it contains several dozens of frescos, incised and lapidary inscriptions whose chronology ranges between the seventh century and the late Middle Ages.