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Nesguni, Church of Savior (“Matskhvar”)

Location: Nesguni, Mestia Municipality
Place: Georgia, Zemo Svaneti
Dedication: Savior ("Matskhvar")
Category: Built
Type: Domeless Church, Hall church
Date/Period: 9th c.
Layers of the Murals: Two layers

First Layer of Murals  Second Layer of Murals


The minuscule lapidary inscription of the tenth century depicted on the west façade must refer to a governor: ⴕ(ⴐⴈⴑⴒ) ⴘ(ⴄⴈ)ⴜ[ⴗ](ⴀⴊ)|ⴄ ⴋ(ⴀ)[ⴋ](ⴀ)|ⴈ ⴂ(ⴀ)ⴁ|(ⴐⴈ)ⴄ[ⴊ] – Christ, have mercy on Father Gabriel.

The asmotavruli inscription of a historical person depicted on the lower area of the chancel window on the east façade dates to the second half of the tenth century: Ⴕ(ႰႨႱႲ)Ⴄ Ⴘ(ⴄⴈ)ⴜⴗ(ⴀⴊ)Ⴄ Ⴁ(Ⴄ)Ⴘ|Ⴂ()ႬႤ Christ, have mercy on Beshgene. The name Beshken is also mentioned in the interior, in a fresco inscription depicted in the chancel.