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Tsirkoli, Church of the Virgin

Location: Tsirkoli, Akhalgori Municipality
Place: Georgia, Shida Kartli
Dedication: The Virgin
Category: Built
Type: Domeless Church, Domed Hall
Date/Period: First half of 9th century
Renovation/Reconstruction: 10th c. (annexes)
Layers of the Murals: One layer



In the interior, on the middle column, as well as on the south and west facades, there are nearly ten incised inscriptions of the 11th-17th centuries; among other names, representatives of the noble families of the Ksani Valley (the Tsirk’ualelis and Zhurulis) are also mentioned in the inscriptions outlined by pilgrims.

The church had annexes on the west and south which are completely ruined now.

Occupied by Russia from 2008.