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Tsromi, Church of the Ascension

Location: Tsromi, Khashuri Municipality
Place: Georgia, Shida Kartli
Dedication: Ascension of Christ
Category: Built
Type: Domed Church, Croix Inscrite/Cross-in-square
Date/Period: 620s-630s
Renovation/Reconstruction: 11th-12th cc.; 16th c.
Layers of the Murals: One layer



The church was built on the site where the St. Razhden the Protomartyr was tortured and originally buried. The structure was damaged and restored several times; in 1940 the earthquake caused the extant fragment of the dome rebuilt in the 16th century to collapse; the structure was restored in 1949, 1959, 1974-1975, 2020.

A construction lapidary inscription is outlined on the south façade: Ⴜ(ႫႨႣႠ)Ⴍ ႤႩ(ႪႤႱႨ)ႠႭ | Ⴑ(ႲႤ)Ⴔ(ႠႬႭ)Ⴆ ჃႡႠ(ႲႭႱ)Ⴈ | Ⴘ(ႤႨႼႷႠႪ)Ⴄ Holy Church, have mercy on Stephanoz Vipatos). Some scholars suggest that it must be governor of Kartli Stepanoz II that is mentioned in the inscription; construction of the church is also associated with his name.