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Zemo Krikhi, Church of Holy Archangels

Location: Zemo Krikhi, Ambrolauri Municipality
Place: Georgia, Racha
Dedication: Holy Archangels
Category: Built
Type: Domeless Church, Hall church
Date/Period: 10th c.
Renovation/Reconstruction: 11th c., 19th c. (1884)
Layers of the Murals: Two layers

First Layer of Murals  Second Layer of Murals


Part of the façade of the church and walls of its ambulatory have preserved ten lapidary inscriptions performed with capital and minuscule script; they date to the tenth and eleven centuries. They are either commemorative or donor inscriptions and do not provide any kind of direct account about construction or renovation of the church. The church was destroyed during the earthquake of 1991. It was restored in 2006-2008.