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Uraveli, Agara Monastery, Murals of the Church of St. John the Baptist

Building: Uraveli, Agara Monastery, Church of St. John the Baptist
Layer of the Murals: One Layer
Date/Period: 10th c.
Donor(s): Unknown
Painter(s): Unknown
Building Gallery


of the Donor(s)
of the Painter(s)


The fragments of plastering have survived on actually all the walls of the interior of the main church; however, frescos adorned only the chancel apse. The painting got sooted and damaged over centuries.



Nothing has remained from the painting of the chancel conch.

Below the conch a row of niches – a total of eight – runs along the whole perimeter of the chancel; among them, in the center of the apse, is a small-size one with a high seat. Painting in the niches has been preserved fragmentarily. A half-figure of a saint martyr was depicted in the conch of each niche, and below – two figures of angels and prophets. The images are accompanied by asomtavruli inscriptions outlined in black paint; on the northern section of the chancel, in the conch of the second niche from the window St. Cyprian is depicted (Ⴜ(ႫႨႣႠ)Ⴢ ႩჃ()ႮႰ()|Ⴀ()Ⴄ || ႫႶႣႤႪ|ႫႭႼႠႫႤ Bishop-Martyr Saint Cyprian) with a closed book in the left hand. In the third niche one can read: [ႩႪႤ]ႫႤႬႲႭႱ – Klementos; in the fourth nicheႫႠႲႧႤ Matthews. Among the saints there are images of three crowned holy mothers of which two, according to iconographical features, could be St. Catherine and St. Barbara.


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