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Likhne, Church of Dormition

Location: Likhne (Zupu), Gudauta Municipality
Place: Georgia, Abkhazia
Dedication: Dormition of the Virgin
Category: Built
Type: Domed Church, Croix Inscrite/Cross-in-square
Date/Period: Late 10th century
Layers of the Murals: Two layers

First Layer of Murals  Second Layer of Murals


Walls of the gallery on the second floor of the narthex of the church have preserved fourteen inscriptions outlined in many colors and written in asomtavruli, transitional nuskhuri (minuscule) and modern lay alphabets. Among them special interest is drawn by an account about the comet that appeared between the Palm Sunday and the Resurrection in 1066; the rest of the inscriptions are commemorative; all date to the eleventh century.