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Dzveli Shuamta, Church of Resurrection

Location: Dzveli Shuamta, Telavi Municipality
Place: Georgia, Kakheti
Dedication: Resurrection of Christ
Category: Built
Type: Domed Church, Tetraconch
Date/Period: 7th c.
Renovation/Reconstruction: Early 12th century; 15th-16 centuries
Layers of the Murals: Two layers

First Layer of Murals  Second Layer of Murals


Several dozens of commemorative or donor inscriptions dated to different periods have been preserved on the walls of the church. They are executed in asomtavruli, the so-called transitional nuskhuri, and mkhedruli scripts. They do not provide any kind of direct account about construction or renovation of the church. Most of these inscriptions have not been published.