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Pia, Church of St. Theodore

Location: Pia, Aspindza Municipality
Place: Georgia, Javakheti
Dedication: St. Theodore
Category: Built
Type: Domeless Church, Hall church
Date/Period: 955
Layers of the Murals: One layer



In the chancel, the construction inscription is carved out on the west wall of the altar: Ⴑ(Ⴀ)Ⴞ(Ⴄ)ႪႨႧႠ Ⴖ(ႫႰႧႨႱႠჂ)ႧႠ ႫႤ |Ⴕ(Ⴀ)ႰႫ(Ⴀ)Ⴌ ႣႠ ႻႫ(Ⴀ)Ⴇ| ႹႤႫႧႠ ႣႠႥ|ႣႢႨႧ ႤႱႤ ႤႩႪႤႱ(ႨႠ)| ႵႰ(ႭႬႨ)ႩႭႬႨ ႨႷႭ | ႱႨႤIn the name of God, I, Chkari, and my brothers erected this church in koronikon SIE.

Name of a historical person is cited in the inscription outlined on the brow of the west window: ႫႽႤႣ|ⴊႨ|ႱႠ |ႰႱ ႢႠႡ(Ⴄ)||ⴊႨႱႠႱ[This] is of smith Gabriel.