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Murals of Ertso Sioni Church. Second Layer

Building: Ertso Sioni Church
Layer of the Murals: Second Layer
Date/Period: 10th c.
Donor(s): Unknown
Painter(s): Unknown
Building Gallery


of the Donor(s)
of the Painter(s)


The second layer of the painting probably decorated only the chancel of the basilica.



In the conch a short version of the composition of Christ in Majesty was represented. Christ, seated on the throne which was embellished with ornamented poles and cushions decorated with floral patterns, had the right hand raised in blessing. A tetramorph was depicted on His right (only the images of a lion and an ox could be discerned) and a seraph – on the left. Figures of archangels clad in loros were depicted on both sides of the throne at the edges of the conch.


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