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Benisi, Murals of the Church of St. George

Building: Benisi, Church of St. George
Layer of the Murals: One Layer
Date/Period: Second half of the 10th century
Donor(s): Unknown
Painter(s): Unknown
Building Gallery


of the Donor(s)
of the Painter(s)



The travertine stones used in the framing of the chancel window are alternately painted red, ignoring the edges, which makes an impression of a ‘fan-like’ ornament. Similar red color is fragmentarily identified on the surfaces of the stones fallen inside the chancel in a later period and which had not been covered with binding solution.



As a consequence of the later period plaster coming off, in the lower section of the south wall surfaces of the stones that are not covered with binding solution exhibit fragments of red paint; given this fact, it is presumable that the whole interior of the church was decorated by this artistic means.

Trace of later-period alteration can be observed on the pair of windows arranged in the south wall; however, taking the decorative ornamentation of the window aperture of the chancel, it can be assumed that these two windows, too, had been embellished by alternation of red ‘fan-like’ lines.

The travertine stones used in the framing of the arch of the door arranged in the west wall (during the later-period reconstruction it was blocked up and turned into a niche) were also alternately painted red which creates a ‘fan-like’ image.


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